don't get side-lined by an injury this season

It's finally feeling like summer is coming in Colorado.  That means more daylight hours, and more time outside!  I see lots of runners, bikers, and walkers out on the paths and roads enjoying spring and relishing their healthy bodies!  I also usually see an influx of client traffic this time of year as people return to their favorite outdoor sports and need to tune up as they brush off the winter cobwebs.  Here are a couple of key things to help prevent injury as you increase your moving time over the next few weeks:

1)  Only increase your duration or volume (time on the bike, miles running, etc.) by 10 % of what you did LAST WEEK.  Notice I did not say "LAST FALL."  Increasing your load too quickly is the number one cause of overuse injuries.

2)  Stretch AFTER you exercise.  Research has proven time and time again that stretching before activity increases your risk of injury.  A good warm up includes walking or slow jogging for a few minutes to get your blood pumping and your synovial fluid (joint lubrication) moving.

3)  Don't forget about your stability work-  the hip, shoulder, and core strengthening work you've been doing all winter will help keep you injury free.  Continue with your strengthening routine 2 days a week.

4)  If something feels not quite right, or pain persists for more than a few days, get it addressed.  A quick tune up now is better than a serious injury that keeps you sidelined later in the season!

KT Tape for $5 a ROLL????

Attention all clients, athletes, friends, desk surfers and weekend warriors:   KT Tape is on sale for FIVE DOLLARS A ROLL at Walgreens!!!  WHAAAAAA you say????  I know, that is crazy.  That's like 75% off....  want to know what it can do for you?  Book up,  I'd love to show you.

Supplement of the Week: Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

This stuff is awesome.  It is PACKED with anti-oxidants and happens to have more naturally occurring melatonin than any other food.  It is an anti-inflammatory and sleep aid but not a drug like Advil PM.  It also helps speed recovery after tough workouts!  

I take 2 tablespoons about 45 minutes before bedtime and I've found that I sleep in a deep, natural state and wake up without feeling groggy at all.  If you don't want the drowsiness, but still want all the other benefits, just mix the 2 tablespoons into your water bottle and sip throughout the day.  

You can find it at most natural food stores in the refrigerated juice section.  This is the kind that I like:

Quick Breakfast Meal-Prep

If you're like me, mornings are a dervish of getting kids dressed, backpacks packed, and whirling out the door often forgetting to look in a mirror let alone fix a nutritious breakfast for myself.  After my second or third cup of coffee wears off, I'm ready to crawl onto my treatment table and take a nap. 

Lately, I've been trying to eat a protein-packed breakfast and this fueling strategy has significantly helped me function at a higher level all day.  Here's a super easy way to get your day off on the right foot:  

Next time you do have 10-15 minutes in the kitchen, scramble up 8 or 9 eggs throwing in some spinach, garlic, parmesan (or whatever sounds good and is on hand) and divide into 4 servings.  Store in your Pyrex or Tupperware in the fridge and on your way out the door the next morning, pop in the microwave for 1:30.  Easy peasy.

Exercise as a Treatment for Depression

In a new study published by the Journal of Psychiatric Research, exercise has been shown to have significant positive impact on people who suffer from depression-  even Major Depressive Disorder.  

"Exercise has a large and significant antidepressant effect in people with depression (including MDD). Previous meta-analyses may have underestimated the benefits of exercise due to publication bias. Our data strongly support the claim that exercise is an evidence-based treatment for depression."  

Exercise as a treatment for depression: A meta-analysis adjusting for publication bias
Schuch, Felipe B. et al.
Journal of Psychiatric Research , Volume 77 , 42 - 51